Turkish cherry surpasses the Great Wall Turkish cherry conquered China after Europe

Turkish cherry surpasses the Great Wall

Turkish cherry conquered China after Europe

Award-winning Turkish cherries in China

The first shipment of the cherries produced by Alanar Fruit, which operates under Tekfen Agriculture, reached Shanghai city to China without cold treatment. This brings together; the largest consumers, with the world's largest cherry producer. China's consumption potential is considered in Turkey's export strategy represents a significant milestone.

Cherries for export without cold treatment products in Shanghai in trade between Turkey and China is an important turning point, Turkish Consulate General in Shanghai Mr. Ahmet Denk, said.

Emrah Ince, Tekfen Agri’s General Manager, “We made an important entry into the Chinese market. With the opportunity to ship without cold processing, we have gained an advantageous position in exports to China. In order to achieve this “competitive advantage”, we started to export cherries to China before the end of the season, replacing the 16-day cold treatment with 3-hour fumigation. This development should not be considered as just a product export because we are starting to take the market place of America, one of the strong players of the market. Our goal is to remain long-term in the Chinese market, where we expect to enter for years without compromising quality and traceability. We will continue our efforts to find the value that Turkish cherry deserves in the world. ”

Ahmet Denk

Turkey's largest manufacturer and exporter of fruits and Tekfen Agri is one area that produces cherry fruit growing which operates in the agricultural structure, starting from Izmir to Shanghai. The ceremony, which was held for the first time, was attended by senior representatives of the Turkish Consulate General in Shanghai and the companies that export cherries, as well as the representatives of the large retail chains.

The importance of the cherries exported by Tekfen Agri to Shanghai is that this shipment was made without waiting in cold storage. Till now, China has applied "cold process procedure” to Turkey for exported cherries. The meetings held for a year long and finally procedure was removed as a result of extensive studies. After investigations conducted in fruit growing facilities of Alanar Fruit, Turkish cherries road to China has been opened finally.


Before That the the cherry was supposed to be kept in cold storage for 16 days and this was causing the loss of Turkey's advantage against opponents that country.

The world's largest manufacturer of Turkey and China as the largest consumer is brought together with the shipment. Turkey's export strategy is very crucial for Turkish farmers. Because of this development carries the meaning of cherries produced in Turkey could buy the world's largest market.