Çanakkale Orchards 50 HA

Çanakkale Fruit Orchards

Çanakkale Fruit Orchards 50 Ha

Çanakkale Fruit Orchards 50 Ha

50 ha export quality fruit orchards at 70 meters of altitude.

Cherry Appricots
Japanese Plum Nursery

Alanar Ezine Orchard is located in Ezine which is one of the latest region of Turkey has been founded on an area of 50 hectares and within 19 hectares of cherry, 20 hectares of apricots, 6 hectares of japanese plum and 5 hectares of apple cultivation is done.


One of the most significant features of Alanar Ezine Orchard is it’s being provided with fruit nurseries which are world’s champion, new, distinctive and of high market value. 

In recent years Japanese plum, nectarine and apricot that are included in stone fruit kinds production is being emphasized on this region and cherry and apple production is intensively done.

Fruit varities that are being produced at Ezine Orchard are Z 900 and Regina varities of cherry, Black Diamond, Black Amber and Black Beauty varities of japanese plum, Gala and Crispy Pink varities of apple, Tom Cot, Flover Cot, Lily Cot, Perle Cot varities of apricot.


The harvest calender starting on June 10 with apricot last until November 15.  In Alanar Ezine Orchard, between June 15 and July 10 apricot, June 15 and June 30 cherry, June 15 and august 15 japanese plum and September 15 and October 15 apple harvest is done.


In Alanar Ezine Orchard there are 9330 cherry, 2549 japanese plum, 11707 apricot and 9640 apple nurseries with the sum of 33.247 nurseries.