Alanar Fruit Company is a group company of Tekfen Agri, a group company of Tekfen Holding, was invested $ 40 M+ for new facilities, orchards, and technology by the acquisition of Alanar in January2018.

Today Alanar is a leader fruit grower, packer and exporter company of Turkey growing fruits under Global GAP and packing them in BRC certified facilities exporting its products to 5 continents. 

About Us Alanar Fruit’s Catalogue

We Produce

Healthy and high quality Alanar fruits are grown in Alanar orcharda in 8 different regions of Turkey, without any agricultural pesticide and with tracebility principle.

Packaging and Storage

Alanar, supplies the best quality cherries to the World, with all type of package alternatives.

We Export

Alanar Company grows the World Quality champion, patented and delicious fruits and serves to European Countries, Russia, Far East and Middle East, Africa and Asian Countries.



We Supply To The World, More than 30 countries in 5 Continents

Alanar is already exporting fruits to 5 continents, over 30 countries as largest stone fruit grower and exporter out of Turkey ALANAR aims to serve the best quality and healthy fruits to whole world by land, air and sea transportation and cool chain operation.

  • ALANAR is in top 5 exporters in TURKEY. Cherry, Black Fig, Pomegranate, Apricot and Chestnuts are main products in it's portfolio.
  • Alanar is the only grower exporter of many international apricot, Japanese plum, nectarine, pomegranates patented varieties from Turkey.
  • Alanar is equipped with highest level of grower, packer, exporter certifications.
  • Alanar manages 2 packing factories, cold storage facilities to support the packing and storage of fruits from her plantations.